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All About Eteaches 365

Elaine Prescott Johnson has twenty years experience as an elementary school teacher and educator. After earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English and Early Childhood Education from Hampton University, Mrs. Johnson established her professional journey in the inner city of West Philadelphia before moving to a suburban school district, where she began engaging in significant conversations about cultural competency with her students and colleagues. Her passion is to be a resource to educators and parents in addressing race in education, in both discussion and deed.


Since 2007, Elaine has served on her district’s Cultural Proficiency Cadre, where she creates K-5 cultural proficiency lessons. Alongside other leaders, Elaineis a part of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Equity and Anti-racism, where district policy changes will be planned and executed. Her mission is to encourage independent thought and self-learning, while ensuring educators and parents are confident about having their own culturally responsive conversations. She is also is a member of her district’s CARE Committee (Committee to Address Racism in Education Committee).


True to her passion, Elaine founded ETeaches365, a fully integrated educational program that educates teachers and parents who want to learn, grow, and teach culture in a way that uplifts all children without fear of racism, oppression, and judgment. The program includes a Youtube channel that merges education and culture through children’s literature that highlight stories of  ‘Black boy joy’ and ‘Black girl magic’ while supporting parents and educators in having tough conversations about race. The channel has now become a medium for shared classroom techniques and a platform for recognizing authors and illustrators. 


ETeaches365 also provides resources and written materials to teachers and parents who want to lead discussions about recent injustices, such as the loss of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery. After having challenging conversations with her 8-year old son, Mrs. Johnson realized that other educators and parents were struggling with how to communicate incidents of this nature within the context of their children’s experiences of the world. She developed ETeaches365 to include tips and resources that will aid parents and educators in making an impactful difference in their students’ lives without adding to any trauma that they may already experience.


Through ETeaches365, Elaine delivers targeted training directly to educators on an array of topics including, “Cultural Proficiency,” “Culturally Responsive Teaching,” and “Social Justice/Anti-Racist Teaching Practices.” Her workshops and presentations range anywhere from 30 minutes to a full day.   


Elaine resides in Pennsylvania with her husband and their two school aged children.

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