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For Culturally Responsive Teaching

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Providing teachers, parents, and caregivers with educational resources, books, educational activities, and lesson plans that bring culture to the forefront.
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"Thanks so much for a wonderful year. It was a particularly special one for our family as we watched him blossom and become more confident and comfortable with himself, something we've seen all along and have waited so long and so eagerly for his classmates and teachers to be able to see! Thank you for creating this safe and collaborative space for my child. Thank you for your strength, passion and compassion and for teaching him well. As we navigate these unprecedented times, I wish for our physical and emotional wellness, for real meaningful change, for equity, and for a better world for my children and yours."

Lower Merion School District Parent

"For having the character and the courage to discuss difficult and incredibly disturbing things with the class, school should be a place where these discussions happen. I really appreciate you addressing these issues head on, identifying double standards and encouraging our kids to confront unfair and immoral realities. My goal, as a parent, is to raise a good person who won't be complacent and is committed to making the world a better place. Discussions, like those you had today, are an integral part of that. I feel so grateful that you are his teacher this year!"

Lower Merion School District Parent

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